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Garrett Gaspard began tile apprenticeship in 1999 and became a Certified Tile Installer in 2011. He became the co-owner at Trendsetter in 2012. Garrett has a passion for the details and takes client expectations to the highest level. He is an exceptional communicator and makes sure the client is comfortable with the installation every step of the way.

We are licensed and insured in both Broward and Palm Beach county, Certified installers by the CTEF, and members of the NTCA.

Certified beyond the local requirements

Continuing education

We do it by the book. TCNA methods and ANSI standards dictate our tile assemblies with continuing education by the NTCA.

We specialize in shower tile installation and kitchen backsplash. We install traditional showers as well as systems that have 15, 20 year and lifetime warranties. We install curbless entry, barrier free showers and incorporate linear drains, niches and benches all tailored to your showers design.

Michael Weaver began tile apprenticeship in 1995 and became a licensed tile contractor in 2004, with county certificates of competency in both Broward and Palm Beach. He formed Trendsetter in 2007 and proudly served as the NTCA Region 4 State Director and held a seat with the board of directors for the National Tile Contractors Association from 2017-2020. He currently serves on the NTCA methods and standards committee and is a state ambassador. Michael is always looking to advance his knowledge of tile assemblies and share what he has learned with clients as well as other contractors through out the tile industry.