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A kitchen backsplash does not often make or break the overall design of a kitchen. But the right splash will complete a theme, or instill one.

A backsplash is sometimes the focal point. It can be high in contrast and really ask, or demand, attention upon first sight. This is not a good thing or a bad thing. What really matters is, what exactly do you want the viewer to appreciate? And more importantly perhaps, what can the space handle?

If your cabinetry is quite elaborate, or the handles and countertop is already asking for attention you may want the backsplash to play a subdued role in the scheme of things. A clean background with less going on helps beautiful cabinets shine. Too much competition for the viewers attention is a bad thing. An easy way to think about the different elements in your kitchen is, does each aspect compliment one another?

On the other hand, If your kitchen seems to be fading into the background all on its own, a backsplash can take an all too subtle kitchen and dramatically bring in color, texture, and depth. A truly stunning splash can bring life to an otherwise tame kitchen.

Tile backsplash installation