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We build curbless showers by Schluter Systems and Laticrete Hydro-Ban. Both of these systems have proven reliability and products that can make a shower as custom as it gets. Every curbless shower built by Trendsetter comes with a limited manufacturer warranty.

A curbless shower presents different challenges than a traditional or curbed shower. Drain location and type can play a big part. Tile size and irregular tile formats must be taken into consideration. All of the details matter when planning a curbless entry and mistakes cannot be afforded. Aesthetic properties and functionality must be on the same level, one aspect is not more important than the other. If you purchase a beautiful car and the engine provides no reliability, I don't think your appreciation for the cars beauty would allow you to look past the fact that the car made you call a tow truck now and again.

Don't get into a bad situation with the wrong contractor. Interview Trendsetter for your curbless shower. We will explain exactly how it's done, to the smallest detail if you would like. We firmly believe in sharing everything we know so you are comfortable and inspired through out your remodel.

Please look over the review below from a customer that requested a very specific design that met her expectations.

Warranty shower systems

The shower above required a specific size seat as well as enough space to accommodate wheelchair access between the commode and the shower bench. A linear drain was installed to give the shower a nice even pitch to the drain. Linear drains also accommodate much more water than a standard shower drain. This shower is a built  above curbless entry. It is referred to barrier free. While the names curbless and barrier free may seem interchangeable they are not.

Curbless only denotes that a curb is absent while barrier free indicates a build to eliminate any aspect that may impede a clients needs. A shower valve that is poorly located or is less functional to the individual user is described as a barrier.

We coordinate with plumbers and builders to make the entire assembly come together. Putting a bathroom of this type together is a team effort.

Curbless shower systems are a good idea. The average home can gain a lot of market value, and people of all ages whether able bodied or not can benefit. Curbless entry showers are built to a higher standard than traditional showers and in general dry out better, making them function longer and remain beautiful through-out their lifetime. That is, provided that you have the professionals for the job.

Besides the fact that a curb can sometimes detract from the aesthetics of a shower, it can serve as an obstruction that some people just cannot overcome. An obvious individual that would benefit from a curbless design is someone that uses a wheelchair, whether exclusively or intermittently.

Another example that people don't always take into account is depth perception. Most people automatically lift their feet high enough to clear a curb upon entry but someone with a depth perception impairment may not always distinguish the curb or a step-down from the surrounding tile work.

Just as a tub is important for bathing children, so is an easily accessible shower for adults.

"Trendsetter did a wonderful job at rebuilding my bathroom to make it wheelchair accessible. The work is elegant, precise, and so easy for me to manage. Anyone with aging or mobility issues needs to think about making changes to make their bathroom safe, modern, and beautiful. You cannot do better than Trendsetter. Oh, and also the team is reliable, considerate and easy to work with."

Pat P.

Curbless entry and barrier free showers